Haircuts & Styles

All services include shampoo & conditioner.

Men’s Haircut
New Talent$21
Designer stylist$21
Master stylist$21
Woman’s Haircut
New Talent$24
Designer stylist$29
Master stylist$35
Haircut w/style
New Talent$36
Designer stylist$42
Master stylist$49
Children (ages 1-5)
New Talent$15
Designer stylist$15
Master stylist$15
Blow dry style
New Talent$30
Designer stylist$35
Master stylist$40
Roller Style
New Talent$20
Designer stylist$22
Master stylist$25
Style/ no shampoo
New Talent$22
Designer stylist$28
Master stylist$32
ServiceNew TalentDesigner stylistMaster stylist
Men’s Haircut$21$21$21
Woman’s Haircut$24$29$35
Haircut w/style$36$42$49
Children (ages 1-5) $15$15$15
Blow dry style $30$35$40
Roller Style$20$22$25
Style/ no shampoo$22$28$32

Hair Color

All color services include a style.

One Color Process
New Talent$63
Designer Stylist$70
Master Stylist$78
Color Retouch
New Talent$53
Designer Stylist$62
Master Stylist$68
Full Head Foil
New Talent$85
Designer Stylist$100
Master Stylist$120
Foil Retouch Full Head
New Talent$75
Designer Stylist$90
Master Stylist$110
Foil Partial
New Talent$65
Designer Stylist$80
Master Stylist$90
Foil Partial Retouch
New Talent$55
Designer Stylist$70
Master Stylist$80
Top panel Foil
New Talent$45
Designer Stylist$55
Master Stylist$65
Top panel Foil Retouch
New Talent$40
Designer Stylist$50
Master Stylist$60
Hilight top panel w/color
New Talent$27
Designer Stylist$35
Master Stylist$40
Hilight partial w/ color
New Talent$40
Designer Stylist$50
Master Stylist$60
Accent Foils (10 foils or less)
New Talent$7 per foil
Designer Stylist$7 per foil
Master Stylist$7 per foil
Double Process
New Talent$80+
Designer Stylist$100+
Master Stylist$120+
Color Glossing (tone or shine)
New Talent$52
Designer Stylist$58
Master Stylist$63
Toner w/color
New Talent$30+
Designer Stylist$30+
Master Stylist$30+
Corrective Color
New Talent$200+
Designer Stylist$250+
Master Stylist$300
Balayage Full
New Talent$170+
Designer Stylist$190+
Master Stylist$220+
Balayage Full retouch
New Talent$130+
Designer Stylist$160+
Master Stylist$190+
Balayage Partial
New Talent$120+
Designer Stylist$150+
Master Stylist$180+
Balayage Partial retouch
New Talent$110+
Designer Stylist$140+
Master Stylist$170+
Mens Grey Blending (5 min. color)
New Talent$25
Designer Stylist$25
Master Stylist$25
Mens Beard Color Blending
New Talent$15
Designer Stylist$15
Master Stylist$15
ServiceNew TalentDesigner StylistMaster Stylist
One Color Process$63$70$78
Color Retouch $53$62$68
Full Head Foil$85$100$120
Foil Retouch Full Head$75$90$110
Foil Partial$65$80$90
Foil Partial Retouch$55$70$80
Top panel Foil $45$55$65
Top panel Foil Retouch$40$50$60
Hilight top panel w/color$27$35$40
Hilight partial w/ color$40$50$60
Accent Foils (10 foils or less)$7 per foil$7 per foil$7 per foil
Double Process$80+$100+$120+
Color Glossing (tone or shine) $52$58$63
Toner w/color$30+$30+$30+
Corrective Color$200+$250+$300
Balayage Full$170+$190+$220+
Balayage Full retouch$130+$160+$190+
Balayage Partial$120+$150+$180+
Balayage Partial retouch$110+$140+$170+
Mens Grey Blending (5 min. color)$25$25$25
Mens Beard Color Blending$15$15$15

Prices may vary due to level of stylist, length and texture of hair.

Hair Textures

All perm services include Haircut & Style.

Basic Texture
New Talent$65
Designer Stylist$75
Master Stylist$85
Color Treated Texture
New Talent$70
Designer Stylist$80
Master Stylist$90
Partial Texture
New Talent$50
Designer Stylist$55
Master Stylist$60
Specialty Wrap
New Talent$100+
Designer Stylist$120+
Master Stylist$140+
New Talent$90+
Designer Stylist$110+
Master Stylist$140+
ServiceNew TalentDesigner StylistMaster Stylist
Basic Texture$65$75$85
Color Treated Texture$70$80$90
Partial Texture$50$55$60
Specialty Wrap$100+$120+$140+
Straighteners $90+$110+$140+